Cost & return

Our method is free and open-source. Our training material is one click away.
We charge for our time: teacher training and in class coaching for those who need implementation help.

You are a teacher

You can train yourself, experiment, fail, try again and succeed for free.

Additionally, you may want to visit our Brussels lab for a couple of immersive training days. What would you do for us in exchange?

For you, the main benefit of changing your practices is a more quality time in your class with your students and less work at home, once the transition is completed.

You are a school

Schools typically need organized training and coaching for their teachers. To our experience, most of the schools that tried to transform themselves without quality external help, failed to change. A school with 100 teachers needs 3 phases of transformation over 3 years, involving 12 pilot teachers at the beginning and most of the teachers at the end.

Contact your country’s hub for more information.

Key performance indicators include:

  • increased academic performance,
  • increased satisfaction for families,
  • decreased sick days for teachers.

As an example of financial return, reducing school failure by 20% in a 100 teachers Belgian’s college = 144 000€/year of cost savings for the government in teacher’s salary.

You are a government or school network

Countries or cities first need a local hub: one of your schools already transformed to be visited by your other schools in your language and culture. Building such a hub first implies many teachers traveling to the Brussel’s lab for training, and local coaches to be trained by us. It’s a multi-year transformation plan starting with a few pilot schools.

Contact our Brussels’ lab to start a discussion:

Short term financial return for a country is triggered by:

  • decreased repetition (failed years),
  • decreased sick days for teachers to be replaced.

Long term financial extends outside the education ministry. For example, +25% at PISA score in for a tiny country such as Luxemburg = +$116 000 000 000 according to OCED.

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