How does my class look like after a transformation?

This European project proposes a pedagogic transformation in 52 stages over 3 months to function as 21st century classes:

  • adapt to a high level of student heterogeneity,
  • make students pilot their learning (personalized learning),
  • encourage students to help each other,
  • encourage fast learners to learn even faster,
  • provide accessible activities so that slow learners go beyond themselves,
  • deal with big classes,
  • without requiring teachers to work hard at home to prepare or correct.

Illustration and analysis of the difference in class.

Systemic change

After this systemic change, space and time are decompartmentalized. A student can be taken out of class for an hour, a day or a week, then come back without missing anything: he resumes his work where he left off. Combined with the acceleration of learning, this decompartmentalization facilitates all kinds of time-consuming projects: kitchen garden, preparation for inter-school contests, student council, language exchange, creation of mini-companies, etc.

Collaboration between teachers is also greatly simplified, through the possible temporary exchange of some students or the ease of managing two classes with two teachers rather than each separately.

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