How does the coaching of my school happen?

School Transformation Lab is a training program for teachers. The headmaster and the involved teachers must be ready to change, to do some hard work on themselves.

We suggest starting with a first batch of 4 to 10 teachers over 3 months. To avoid discouragement, the teachers and their classes should be transformed in no longer than 3 months.

The coaching implies:

  • visiting transformed classes / teachers from other schools,
  • being coached in your class while you teach to your students,
  • reading, experimenting in your class, making mistakes, learning, passing small exams.

This program covers schools from kindergarten to upper secondary. The exact content of the program depends on your country. For example, it’s different if your school is located near a coach and a partner school, than if it’s a day travel to reach them. At the time we write this text (September 2018), the only certified school/coach is located in Brussels. We expect the next to be Norway, Frederikstad.

Standard program for a school located near a certified school/coach:

The program for a school located far from a certified school/coach:

How to apply?

  1. We know where we are going
  2. We objectified our current situation
  3. We have illustrated our current difficulties
  4. We wrote our fears and hopes
  5. We signed a contract of engagement
  6. We have identified the interested team members
  7. We have a financial plan
  8. We made a clear request to our management
  9. Our management is committed
  10. We organized a party to start the project

By experience, starting such a fast and disruptive transformation with a school without the full support of its director and board is too risky. We have designed a 10 steps application process during which you prepare the fertile ground for mentalities.

Full application document

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