Where is the training material?

The School Transformation Lab program includes 5 curriculums for teacher training, one of them being used for training pupils too.

“Do as I say, not as I do

– some teacher’s trainers

Each curriculum is isomorphic with our pedagogy. They include no long ex cathedra speech. They are based on many small assessments that teachers may succeed in any order. Two teachers may have different progression paths.

These curriculums are designed to make teachers live as learners what they pupils should live under their teaching: excellence, instructive mistake, empowerment, mutual aid and benevolence.

52 steps to transform my class

curriculum 1

In the first curriculum, teachers focus on the effective change in their class. No much theory. It starts with adapting the course material for a first transformed lesson. Then, each step pushes the class transformation further.

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Change Management

curriculum 2

Leading the change in an organization such as a school is no piece of cake for the principal and for the first transformed teachers who set the tone. The change management curriculum is defined around 3 axes:

  • Documenting the change in my school according to the School Transformation Lab criteria.
  • Classic change management theory and freedom-form companies.
  • Coaching other schools.

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Soft Skills

curriculum 3

The soft skills curriculum is primarily designed for students: what inner and relational qualities do they need to develop first, in order to support the pedagogy change?

For teachers, mastering this curriculum is key to help students learning it, and also to get stronger foundations for their own professional change, their own personal development.

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curriculum 4

This forth curriculum explains the theory supporting the change proposed in the first curriculum. You learn around 3 questions:

  1. What can we learn from the great teachers of the past centuries?
  2. What did the experimental research in schools discovered during the last 50 years?
  3. How does the brain learn, according to neuroscience?

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curriculum 5

Inspiring teachers are inspiring leaders to their students. The school management better embody a good example.

Many teachers like to “do it themselves” and have hard times to “let it go” and delegate to their students (are these 3 or 20 years old). This curriculum helps them to acquire the basic leadership skills to shift to a new posture.

Many school directors are former teachers who never get any formal leadership training. Some are very directive and don’t promote autonomy / creativity / initiative of their staff. Others are loozy and don’t manage anybody in fact. This curriculum helps them to set a solid frame at the right level to secure and inspire their staff.

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A certification path will be available for teachers and schools, as described in that document:
Certifcation path

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