Where is the training material?

The School Transformation Lab program includes curriculums for teachers and management, and one soft skills curriculum for pupils.

“Do as I say, not as I do

– some teacher’s trainers

Each curriculum is isomorphic with our pedagogy. They include no long ex cathedra speech. They are based on many small assessments that teachers may succeed in any order. Two teachers may have different progression paths.

These curriculums are designed to make teachers live as learners what they pupils should live under their teaching: excellence, instructive mistake, empowerment, mutual aid and benevolence.

Transforming my class

Teachers who want to transform their class will benefit from:

  • a step-by-step transformation guide,
  • its progress grid,
  • the values of a transformed school,
  • the detailed distinction between objectives and activities,
  • an implementation guide for advanced teachers,
  • a list of privileges for auctions,
  • frequently asked questions.

Transforming my school

Schools managements, advisors, and coaches like to have a vision of the transformation beyond the techniques in the classroom:

  • principles for helping a school to transform itself,
  • values of a transformed school,
  • understanding the inertia of a school system,
  • school Transformation Guide
  • application process for a school to be coached,
  • frequently asked questions.

Science behind our method

This course develops the science behind the operating principles and practices of a collaborative class after transformation.

Soft Skills

This course helps 10 to 18 year old students to improve the group and working atmosphere in their class.

Soft Skills curriculum
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