An EU-funded partnership

School Transformation Lab is a 3-year EU-funded strategic partnership between Belgium, Greece, Italy and Norway. Through cooperation, curriculum development, soft skills and management tools we are developing model schools which is facilitating the demands of the future and 21st century skills.

The project started in September 2017 under the initial name “TalentLab”. It is coordinated from Belgium by School for Dialogue. Since the first year many schools have been interested in this transformative program, while the program itself was not ready and not yet implemented by the partners. By the end of this EU-funded partnership in 2020, many schools will have started the transformation process and an open-source transformation methodology will be available. You have access to a draft version of it on this web site.

We did not know each other before applying to this program as partners. Thanks to the Erasmus+ funding, this program:

  • is international from day 1,
  • includes partners with complementary strengths,
  • has solid financial foundations for doing in depth research,
  • with minimalistic administrative hassle.

More information on initiating or participating to Erasmus+ programs:

The progress of each partner for this project is set in this spreadsheet.

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